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If you’re looking for a great career, you’re in the right place.
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If You're Looking For A Great Career, You're In The Right Place.

Are you ready to embark in a fast-paced career in the dental profession, but you don’t want to spend years in school, spending thousands of dollars? If your answer is yes, the exciting field of dental assisting may be for you.

OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy is here to help. In just 12 weeks, our program teaches students the skills, technology and dental theory needed to succeed in a career in dental assisting.

OceanPointe Dental Academy provides students with a detailed education in modern dental practices, complete with hands-on training from practicing dental professionals in real-life dental offices.


Multiple financing plans with no credit requirements. We work with you on a personalized custom plan.

Career Services

Specialized team that will help you during and after the program. Lifetime Job assistance.

What Makes Us Different?

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Modern Equipment

Our facilities are beautiful and set up with all the equipment you would find in a dental office.

Great Learning Campus

Our facilities are designed to help you get comfortable with the dental office setting.

85% Hands-On Learning

By the time you complete the 4-weeks of online, and the 8 weeks of hands-on training, you will be confident in your ability to start working in a dental practice right away.

Program Informations

Online & Hands-On Modules

Program Details

Our hybrid program is broken down into two phases-4 weeks of online and clinical training, then 8 weeks of practical hands-on training on campus. It is a fast-paced, and enjoyable program that will have you confident in your new skills, and working in dentistry in 3 months.

Clinical Rotations

Students are placed in a 28-hour clinical rotation for a final applied clinical experience with chair-side assisting in 4-handed dentistry, radiographic techniques, and assisting during specialty procedures. Select one day for 7-hours to work and learn with real patients while completing your online training to keep you fully engaged in your learning.


Introduction to Dental Assisting

Review of the school’s expectations. The building blocks to becoming an amazing in-demand Dental Assistant. Everything you need to know about OSHA!


Dental Instrument Processing, Clinical Dentistry, and Moisture Control

Four-Handed Dentistry! Infection Control. Learn to assemble a Rubber Dam & Syringe. Patient Positioning and Hand-piece Maintenance.


Anatomy and Physiology, Dental Anatomy

Introduction to Dental Anatomy & Terminology and Human Dentition., and Vital Signs.


Dental Radiology

Hands on Radiology Training and lecture material to prepare you for the state exam.. Radiology theory and practice of intraoral and extraoral X-ray techniques, and X-ray safety.


Dental Caries and Dental Charting and Intro to Dental Specialties

Learn all about root canals, better known in the dental world as endodontics, as well as orthodontics, or braces! A fun lecture that will engage you with better depth of common dental practices. Learn the importance of obtaining full dental records. Practice both paper and digital charting.


Dental Restorative Materials & Technique

What General Dentistry is all about! Learn all about restorative restorations! Practice doing this procedure on mannikins in the real dental office. Learn more about dental instruments and how to assemble the matrix band.


MID-TERM EXAM and Review Radiology and Lab Techniques

Midterm Exam- Lets us see how things are all coming together. Learn how to take impressions and create models. Later in class, students will use these impressions & models to create their own bleaching trays, so that they can get their teeth bleached as well.


Dental Preventative Care and The Job Search

Review patient communication and oral hygiene instruction, Job Interview Skills, Mock Interviews, and Front Desk.


Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Coronal Polish, Anesthetics

Learn the anatomical locations for injection types, different anesthetics, how to place anesthetic carpule into syringe and place needle onto syringe. Practice with surgical instruments, and review oral surgery procedures, and how to assist for each procedure while keeping a sterile field.


Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office and BLS Training

Learn how to deal with various medical emergencies that may occur within the practice and get National CPR Certified.


Review Dental Instruments, Moisture Control, Restorative Dentistry and Radiology, Intro Dentrix Electronic Charting

As a dental assistant one of the most imperative roles you will have is creating temporary crowns! You will review and practice fabricating a temporary crown for the patient and dental practice, making these several times on mannikins until you feel confident doing it in the real world! Review other important skills with lots of hands-on practicals.


Dental Photography and Final Written and Practical Exam Mandatory to graduate

Final applied clinical experience with chairside assisting in four-handed dentistry, radiographic techniques, and assisting during specialty procedures. Final Practical Exam and Final Written Exam! At the completion of your last day, you will have the confidence to walk out into the dental world, get an amazing career doing what you love, and get paid for it! If you choose to take the State Boards to become a Certified Dental Assistant, you will have full confidence to take and pass this test as well after obtaining sufficient clinical hours.



Students will schedule 2 hours per week of patient clinical training/shadowing experience (20 clock hours) during the online phase of the course during normal practice hours. Students are introduced to the members of the dental team, current professional trends, and the various operations within a dental practice, including receptionist duties, bookkeeping, and chairside dental assisting. Students will have the opportunity to observe, shadow, and participate in our dental practice operation with real patients.  



The day following the last day of class is YOUR day to shine! It is graduation day! We go off site to a large local venue to celebrate you and all your hard work! Bring your family and friends to celebrate you and your amazing accomplishment! This event will offer a variety of refreshments, video of your accomplishments throughout class, diplomas, games with prizes, and more! It is our pleasure to offer this day to you, our dental professional, and welcome you to an amazing career! You will be prepared to start your 40-hour externship in a real dental practice as part of the dental team!

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