Cost & Payment

Affordable Tuition with flexible payment plans. Our low tuition incudes everything!

Affordable Tuition

Why OceanPointe?

We are a team of dentists, hygienists and dental office managers  who work together to ensure that you receive the best education that you deserve. It’s easy to get started training to be a dental assistant as early as today. 

1. Simply select the location nearest you where you want to do your online, patient clinical, and hands-on training

2. Hit the Apply Now button on the location page

3. Register for training on the Online Platform Registration page for your campus location

4. Start your online training right away by watching our weekly online video and audio narrated PowerPoint lectures.

You will be sent your login information via email, as well as an invitation to come in to do an Orientation Session on campus where you’ll get sized for your uniform, be given your textbook and supplies, tour the facilities, meet your instructor and our friendly staff, handed a catalog, and fill out the final enrollment paperwork. 


Graduate Debt-Free

Just about all our campus tuition and fees are $5,000 or less to get you started in a rewarding career. We work with our students to make every attempt to provide affordable tuition assistance that will allow you to complete your career with us. When paying in full is not an option, we still have other options available.

Get Started Payment

Securely pay your $350 online platform and registration fee through your selected campus location to get started with the Online Learning Platform.
Then, one of our admissions advisors will contact you to invite you to an Orientation session where you'll also get to do a campus tour and meet the campus instructor and staff. Your Hands-On Clinical Training starts after you've competed all 12 online modules over 4 weeks.


Become a Dental Assistant in 12 Weeks

If you’re looking for a great career, you’re in the right place. Multiple financing plans without need of credit. We work with you on a personalized plan.

4 weeks of online training


8 weeks of hands-on training