Back To School For Grown-ups

Is it worth it to go back to school for a specialized certification?

It’s no secret that in this day and age higher education is important to increase your earnings. But what if you’ve been in the workforce for over two years, or even ten years? You may have often asked yourself “Is it worth it to go back to school for a specialized certification and how easy will it be to slide back into the student life”? Many students who have graduated from OceanPointe Deental Assisting schools have asked themselves that very same question before embarking on attending our hybrid (online and hands-on) training academies.


Let’s face it, it is common knowledge that the wage gap is growing and those that have career certificates are doing much better than those without. It’s worth the time and money you put into getting trained in high-demand careers such as dental assisting because these jobs won’t be disappearing. In fact, it’s growing faster than ever as industries rely on more tech, fields like dentistry will always be looking for qualified people to fill the jobs. The dental field is one of the fastest growing fields and qualified dental assistants are always in demand. Going back to school will boost your ability to earn more and stay employed. Ask yourself if your current job is satisfying? Does it pay you at least $18/hour? Does it have free dental care? A Clean environment? A path to job advancement and income increases with further education and training? If not, then dental assisting may be the right career path for you.

There are costs to going back to school and getting training and certified in dentistry as with any specialized fields. One way to help you afford your educational pursuits is to look into tuition assistance. OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academies offer customized assistance to help you pay for tuition while you’re in school. Our tuition will not leave you with high-debt burden after training, and our flexible schedules ensure you can also work while in school. Our average tuition is less than $5,000 as compared to other schools charging upwards of $18,000.

Don’t fall prey to expensive programs offering federal financial aid because the grant money, while you don’t have to pay back; such as Pell Grants, only cover a small portion of the cost and the rest will come from student Loans which can add up to 30% of your discretionary income once you start working. That’s a stiff bite out of your monthly paycheck. Find a program like OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy that will allow you to make easy and affordable payments, has convenient schedules allowing you to also keep working while you’re in school, and that will allow you to wage-up in as little as 12 weeks. Perhaps you can also qualify for state workforce grants. Most all our academy campuses nationwide are approved Eligible Training Providers to WIOA centers (Workforce Innovations and Opportunities Act). Every county has a workforce board and are there to serve the needs of people who are under-employed, unemployed, on welfare, food stamps, etc.. Call your OceanPointe campus location nearest you and the admissions rep will help you with every step of getting you WIOA grants if you qualify; even setting up an appointment with a local WIOA counselor for you.

Going back to school as an adult presents time challenges, as most people are already working and can’t just up and quit their jobs to seek more education. OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academy offer flexible schedules so you can learn while you earn. Our dental assistant career schools offer a fast track course so you’re not spending months or years in college making it faster for you to get done and get out in the workforce working in the field you want.

Education is a lifelong pursuit, and you’re never too old to back and make yourself more marketable to dentist employers who are looking for someone with your new skill sets. You deserve to take the time and invest in yourself. Check out OceanPointe Dental Assisting Academies to find flexible schedules, affordable tuition with custom tuition plans, and the instructors who are waiting to get you on your way to earning more money.

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